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Herman Roggemann



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Laianna Ferruggia: Thrive



I believe we all possess unique skills and gifts that have great value to the world when we are connected to our highest truth and potential. Unfortunately, it is more common for us to never reach that potential. Some of us have life circumstances that we believe are holding us back. Most often, the true obstacles are the beliefs we hold about ourselves; that we are somehow flawed, incapable or that we lack personal power.Before I knew anything about the influence of these beliefs, I would turn to nature for my peace of mind. I never knew why this always seemed to quell my fears; only that there was a strong connection I had to certain places that kept me calm. I felt more connected to myself and often found more clarity. Now, I use my skills as an artist with intention; making paintings that transport us to a place where we feel safe to recognize that we are worthy of loving and valuing ourselves for who we are. Through my painted landscapes, I want to inspire people to recognize their true nature and embody it. I want to help people reconnect with themselves by making them feel nurtured and loved. I have learned that the beauty in nature is really a mirror of our own true beauty and our nature is to love, be at peace, thrive and grow.