Upcoming Exhibitions


In Main Gallery

Elizabeth Arnold: Some Memories Fade

jawFebruary is traditionally the month BAU grants a solo exhibition to an outside artist in its large main gallery space. This year that honor goes to Elizabeth Arnold. Her work often centers around found objects like wood or bone, archetypal symbols that reference a shared evolution. She creates works that access interior spaces, the in-between landscape of dreams, that primary process domain where associative creativity lives and where waking life’s symbols gain a condensed potency. Elizabeth Arnold is a mixed-media artist and clinical psychologist, based in the Hudson Valley and NYC.


In the Beacon Room

John Richey: Blue By You

image4Brooklyn based artist, John Richey’s hand-drawn video animations and cyanotypes combines elements of chance and flexibility into a labor-intensive process that grapples with the transformative nature of information retention and loss. Working back-and-forth between different combinations of hand-made and digitally fabricated elements, his installation investigates the physical or conceptual glitches that occur in the spaces between the analogue and the digital. Each performance-based animation depicts a luminous grid pattern infinitely floating and falling into a limitless void. The vivid cyanotypes speak to formal elements of line, pattern, light, space, and movement.