Bau 134

In Main Gallery Michael X. Rose

Michael X. Rose’s new group of oil paintings wrestle with Mortality and Nature, Man’s place in the world and his precarious relationship with it. Concurrently, there is ongoing epic battle that witnesses the Rise and Fall of Civilizations. While reflecting on Nature’s unforgiving relentless march, Rose extends that


bau 133

In Main Gallery Hue & The Bau Ball




In this 131st exhibit at Bau gallery to date, each of the 12 members showcase several works through the month of January dealing with the colorful concept of “HUE.”

In addition bau will extend invitations to Designers and collectors for the Bau


bau 132

In Main Gallery Herman Roggeman

Belgium born artist, Herman Roggeman has long been a passionate voice for Hudson Valley’s creative community.As a sculptor and painter he has integrated both color and balance in his creations. His recent work showcases these elements along with his love of animals.



In Gallery 2


bau 131

In Main Gallery Gary Jacketti: Me, Myself & I


In Gallery 2 Grey Zeine



In the Beacon Room Ginger Andro & Chuck Glicksman : The Pursuit of Perfection

The challenge of balancing our creative, financial and social lives is extremely difficult considering the obstacles and distractions from the media


bau 130

In Gallery 1 Carla Goldberg & Erica Leigh Caginalp: In the Weeds

In The Weeds: Literally and metaphorically describes the artistic life of these two prolific artists. Working on the idea of seaweed and underwater goodness, the idea of collaborating with the concept of an underwater forest was irresistible and exciting for Carla and


Bau 129

In Main Gallery David Link : Lines in Space

Inspired by the Minimalist Art Movement of the 1970s, David Link seeks to continue in the tradition of “Less is More.”

David’s work is about form, space and color. Fascinated by the edges and intersections that are distinguished through the play of simple geometric forms,


bau 128

bau 128 In Main Gallery Joan Phares : Lost & Found

The words “lost and found” conjure images of people and things discarded and redeemed. I like to dig holes in my yard. Because I live in a property that was once a part of an old farm, I discover buried “treasures” regularly. To me,


bau 127

bau 127 In Main Gallery Tom Holmes: Clovis Point

Tom Holmes is an artist, sculptor and musician living and working in the NEPA valley. “I am drawn to working in the six elements of stone, metal, wood, light, ice and water. It gives me the ability to work intuitively. All possibilities can exist briefly before


Bau 126

In Main Gallery Kirsten Lyon: Bits & Pieces

Kirsten Lyon connects elements of play and scientific theory by making ceramics – a weighty medium derived from the natural elements of earth and fire – float. While the sculptures she has created are not conceived from direct source material, they are derived from basic microbiological forms


bau 125

In Main Gallery Julie Jacobs Photography


Julie’s latest photographic images are in part inspired by the paintings of JMW Turner. She has returned time and again to the Tate Britain, which houses the world’s largest collection of Turner’s work. Over time Julie’s photograph’s grew to reflect her fascination with Turner’s sometime photo-dissolution of reality