In Main Gallery Bau members group show

Working within parameters. Thinking outside the box. Breaking boundaries. A 4×4 foot piece of 3/4″ plywood given to Bau members. Come see what happens. Group show 2017



In the Beacon Room Daniel Morowitz: Young and Hung

“Daniel Morowitz’s work straddles the divergent narratives of


Bau 144

In Main Gallery Jack Zero: Wild & Diverse

Jack Zero’s work is wildly diverse, encompassing sculpture, graphics, paintings and ceramics. Having shown throughout North America, Europe and Japan, Jack Zero’s work is familiar to the Beacon gallery scene. Opening Saturday, December 10. Expect to see wildly divergent work at the opening reception that evening


bau 143

bau 143 In Main Gallery Julie Jacobs:Stills in search of a movie

Julie Jacobs’ latest photographic series, Stills in Search of a Movie, emits the melancholic alienation distinctive to her style. Each isolated “still ” represents a narrative unto itself–a sudden realization of betrayal, the quiet contemplation of a next, all-important move, an abrupt


Bau 142

In Main Gallery Tom Holmes:Fly Home – new work by Tom Holmes


The lantern lights the night path. A soft head wind reminds us to push on. Molten bronze, steel and stone all find their gravitas. Sullen, the forest echoes the earths burnt crust. A night hawk screeches to a halt mid air,


bau 141

In Main Gallery Joan Phares: Against the Grain

……could refer to wood working, farming, divergent thinking, or rebellion. The current show created by Joan Phares combines all of the above. The chance finding of wood scraps from a local cabinet maker in large open bags behind the shop, invites pillaging for kindling, or in


bau 140


In Main Gallery Melissa Robin: Alchemy Light – harvested by darkness,
Perpetuated by its counterpart,
Dissecting duality, penetrating polarity.
Fire, Water, Earth, & Air
Divine elemental orchestration,
The unrequited energy of the unseen,
Composing us akin the Cosmos,
Tethered to Humanity at the seams.

For the past


bau 139

In Main Gallery Kirsten Lyon: On Display

Kirsten Lyon is a ceramic artist who creates sculptures by methods of hand building and the potter’s wheel. The forms created by Lyon are inspired by nature. Many of her sculptures have been compared to living organisms and creatures from the sea.

In this current body


Bau 138

In Main Gallery David Link: Formas Geometricas

David’s work is about form, space and color. He uses angles and proportions to create beautiful objects, that are colorful and whimsical. The work is mathematical in nature, but it also speaks about simple harmonies and elegance in design. This show has a range of pieces,


bau 137

In Main Gallery Erica Caginalp & Carla Goldberg: Eventide

Carla Goldberg and Erica Leigh Caginalp are together again in this aquatic inspired show “Eventide”. Together they explore dusk in its intensified colors of the day’s last light and the dark depths creeping up into the night. These diverse artists collaborated previously on an


bau 136

In Main Gallery Eva Drizhal: Between

Eva was born in l951 in Prague, Czech republic. There She attended a school of art and design before emigrating to the United States in l979. Drizhal’s work is inspired by nature, botany, science, and microscopic images. Her sculptures brings the viewer into a world that