Bau 157

In Main Gallery Lucky Thirteen: Bau member 13th anniversary group show

This January Beacon’s oldest purely fine art gallery, Beacon Artist Union (BAU) kicks off their 13th year with the exhibition “Lucky 13″ on Second Saturday, January 13th. from 6-9 pm. Each artist will create one or more works of art that somehow


Bau 156

In Main Gallery Herman Roggeman: Floatilla Through the waves leap and rock in the deep, the glory of youth to the old man and the sea, “Flotilla” by Herman Roggeman is a new series of fine art paintings and sculptural interpretations of the spirit that celebrates man’s work life and escapist pleasures at sea


bau 155

In Main Gallery Julie Jacobs & Melissa Schlobhom: Past Imperfect

Both artists admire each other’s work and in this exhibition effectively meld their separate mediums into single images. Using imagery of waking nightmares, objects of obsession and unsettling beauty, their collaboration confronts both profound loss and shared experiences of childhood and nostalgia. Their artistic


Bau 154

In Main Gallery Gary Jacketti: Selections from the Vault Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery

Bau gallery presents “Selections from the Vault,” a group show featuring some of the Hudson Valley’s best artists. In 2009, Gary Jacketti opened Beacon Art Shortwave Gallery in StoneHarbor, NJ. At the height of the great recession, he took a


bau 153

In Main Gallery Melissa Schlobhom: The Woman Upstairs



There’s a light on in the attic.

Though the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickerin’ flutter,
And I know what it’s about.
There’s a light on in the attic.
I can see it from the


bau 152

In Main Gallery David Link : The Physical World


David Link is a minimalist living and working in the Hudson Valley. His work explores the simply harmony of geometric forms, negative space, and color. This show explores the physical world in contrast to the virtual, intangible, and cognitive worlds. It is


bau 151

In Main Gallery Joan Phares : Shelter from the Storm

The artwork in the show, Shelter from the Storm, represents attempts to acknowledge and deal with the rapid fire chaos which is now a part of our daily lives. The impact of the extreme events and human suffering escalating each day makes it


Bau 150

In Main Gallery Kirsten Lyon: Heavens

Kirsten Lyon is a native to the Hudson Valley. Her work explores forms that relate to nature or science. She attended Alfred University for undergraduate studies where she explored a variety of media and focused mainly on ceramic arts. She also has a Masters in Studio Arts


bau 149

In Main Gallery Russell Ritell: Path of the Masters

In navigating our paths through life, our teachers are our guides. These guides manifest in many forms and as we open to them we experience personal growth. In this body of work, technique, substance, composition and lighting from master painters such as Caravaggio


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bau 148 In Main Gallery Pamela Zeremba and Joel Werring : Short Stories


Short Stories is a two-person exhibition featuring paintings and drawings by Joel Werring and photographs by Pam Zaremba. Both artists create narrative works that explore dichotomies and tensions in American home and family life. Their works blur the boundaries between