bau 91: Carol Flaitz and Laura Moriarty

bau 91

Artists Carol Flaitz and Laura Moriarty

Opening Reception this Saturday

July 14th 6-9 pm

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Artists Carol Flaitz and Laura Moriarty both play in an encaustic wonderland in Down the Rabbit Hole – Where Art and Science Meet


BEACON, NY, July 2011 – Multimedia artist Carol Flaitz follows up last year’s successful “One Billionth of a Meter” show at beacon artist union, or bau, with a new show in July called “Down the Rabbit Hole – Where Art and Science Meet.” This collection of new works focuses on the artists’ burgeoning explorations with encaustics, a wax and natural resin based medium known for its rich colors and translucent satin textures. She has also invited fellow artist Laura Moriarty to show in the back gallery at bau. The two solo shows will run from July 14 through August 5 at bau, 161 Main Street in Beacon, New York.


While Flaitz’s last show was concerned with large dark panels based on nanotechnology of electron microscopy and the myriad geological landscapes found in cross sections of computer microchips, her new pieces take us past that layer into a world that seems subatomic, an ocean of deep jewel tones ripped by unseen currents.


“I’m excited by these new works, which represent another side to my personality,” says Flaitz. “As a former ceramic artist, I’m always caught between my love of texture and my love of color that comes from natural processes. While my large scale works demanded somber tones and rough textures, my explorations into the medium of encaustics let me celebrate brighter colors and more dynamic patterns.”


Her objects often contain a “break” in the actual wooden panels she uses as a base for the encaustic wax and other compounds. These cracks or fissures reveal another world teeming beneath, either bold in contrast or mesmerizing in their darkness. Alice’s famous rabbit hole becomes a perfect metaphor. Flaitz follows these crevasses further down into her own subconscious, exposing that part of us that is most human, our own curiosity and our need to always fill in the blanks, even when coming upon something inexplicable, like science, or abstract art.


Flaitz has exhibited nationally and internationally, most recently in Berlin, Germany. She holds a Masters in Fine Arts from the University of Wales in Cardiff, Great Britain and a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the prestigious College of Ceramics at Alfred University in New York. She and her family live in Newburgh, New York.


In the back gallery at bau, Laura Moriarty’s encaustic works, both dimensional and on paper, take the depth and layers of the medium to a geographic remove, “strip mining” densely layered striations of colored wax to reveal broad swaths of intricate stripes. On paper the works resemble geological cross-sections of sedimentary rock from an earth science class, albeit much more colorful, while her sculptural works bring to mind core samples. These comparisons are not lost on the artist, who has just come out with a new book of her work “Table of Contents” deliberately designed to resemble a vintage geologic textbook. Copies of the book will be available for sale at bau as well as the artwork.


The bau gallery is open from noon to 6, Saturdays and Sundays, or by appointment, with an opening reception Saturday evening, July 14 from 6 to 9.   For more information, go to


Beacon Artist Union
161 Main Street
Beacon, NY