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In Main Gallery

Melissa Schlobhom: The Woman Upstairs




There’s a light on in the attic.

Though the house is dark and shuttered,
I can see a flickerin’ flutter,
And I know what it’s about.
There’s a light on in the attic.
I can see it from the outside.
And I know you’re on the inside… lookin’ out.

-Shel Silverstein

Explore the attic of my brain: the cobwebs and the butterflies.



In the Beacon Room

Brad Teasdale


Teasdale Design-Studio specializes in furniture, installation art and objects for architecture and design. Founded by artist Bradford Teasdale, the studio’s signature work in concrete is structural as well as decorative, incorporating the latest advances in sustainable design. Bradford collaborates with architects, designers and connoisseurs on a full range of projects from custom furniture to structural installations for the built environment.

Pioneering the use of concrete as an artistic medium, Bradford has developed new ways of combining concrete with glass, metal and wood to create structural artwork. In 2001, he left a career in finance to follow his dream of working with his hands. Building upon his work as a young man laying tile and stone, Bradford went on to study classical Roman and Byzantine mosaic traditions and was commissioned widely for his mosaic work. In 2005 he took a teaching position at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn NY, where he assimilated hot glass-working techniques into his repertoire. Additionally, his life-long love of woodworking and nature is a perennial inspiration and recurring theme in his work.

His new line of Mermaid Benches, built sustainably in the Hudson Valley from local materials, is a seamless marriage of rustic and modern aesthetics. Designed to last a lifetime, each piece features driftwood hand harvested from the Hudson River and concrete made from Long Island sand. Bradford prizes local hardwoods such as Black Locust, Mountain Ash and Red Cedar that are weatherproof and durable. His concrete features 30% reduced cement content & is LEED qualified for it’s small ecological footprint. Bradford lives in the Hudson Valley with his beautiful family where he also runs a Healing Arts practice.