bau 152

In Main Gallery

David Link : The Physical World



David Link is a minimalist living and working in the Hudson Valley. His work explores the simply harmony of geometric forms, negative space, and color.  This show explores the physical world in contrast to the virtual, intangible, and cognitive worlds.  It is in part a reaction to Idealism and the belief that reality is fundamentally mental and immaterial.  David studied Painting, Drawing and Sculpture at SUNY Purchase and is greatly influenced by the Minimalist Art Movement.





In the Beacon Room

Jennifer  Graham: Symmetry of Light


Symmetry of Light 1

Shooting, developing and printing black and white 35mm film, I have rediscovered my love of light and shadow and the exciting happy accidents that present themselves through the limitations of film. This recent series of imagery is an exploration of light, symmetry and landscape. Purposely shooting film at the times of day when the sun creates the strongest shadows I photograph directly into the sun; I capture the shapes, shadows and glares that tend to fog film, creating sometimes unwanted accidents. In the case of my work, I am embracing the grain, glare and fog of film and exploring it further by scanning the negatives and drawing connections between these rays of light. As I develop these ideas further, I am beginning to mimic the fractals created in nature. Pushing the composition to imply a creasing of material directed by the rays of light.


Jennifer W. Graham is a passionate educator who aims to empower young adults through the education of Art and Technology. She teaches Photography, Graphic Design and Media Arts to high school students. As a working artist, Jennifer’s own conceptual work hones in on her innate interest in humans and developments in technology and sustainability. As her conceptual and experimental ideas blossom, she enjoys framing magnificent and captivating landscape scenes: marveling at the natural beauty for which she is continuously in search of. Traditionally trained in darkroom printing and antique processes; connecting with materials is very important to Jennifer. Pairing traditional techniques with modern manipulation, her experimental process helps her establish a deeper connection with her imagery.