bau 151

In Main Gallery

Joan Phares : Shelter from the Storm


The artwork in the show, Shelter from the Storm, represents attempts to acknowledge and deal with the rapid fire chaos which is now a part of our daily lives. The impact of the extreme events and human suffering escalating each day makes it difficult to obtain a balance between active compassion and feelings of rage, sadness, impotence, and fear. In order to avoid wasting each precious day, humans must find or try to create their unique shelters from the storms. Those being directly targeted may have no shelters. The artwork displayed appears disjointed and lacking cohesion. Ironically and tragically the disparate images reflect the world where we find ourselves today.


caginalp - containment

In Gallery 2

Erica Caginalp: Containment

Containment is the action of keeping something under control or within limits. Beacon Artist Union is pleased to present Containment, a show featuring new wheel thrown ceramic jars by Erica Leigh Caginalp. Each jar in this series is an individual study of form, volume and functionality. Caginalp continues to explore traditional pottery forms with clean, simple lines and delicate ornamentation.



In the Beacon Room

Willie Gary: Boom Boom!

I am a seventeen year old visual artist and musician living in Sleepy Hollow,
NY. I grew up in the Hudson Valley and am going into my senior year at Sleepy
Hollow High School. I’m mainly interested in Abstract Expressionism and Neo-
Expressionism. My work is very personal. I try to create a psychologically
primitive style through the use of childlike drawing, with modern abstract
composition. I paint in oils and draw with charcoal, graphite, pastels and oil sticks.