bau 149

In Main Gallery

Russell Ritell: Path of the Masters


In navigating our paths through life, our teachers are our guides. These guides manifest in many forms and as we open to them we experience personal growth. In this body of work, technique, substance, composition and lighting from master painters such as Caravaggio and Velasquez, (among many others,) have served to inspired me.  However, beyond those icons I have been guided and influenced, spiritually, by masters of philosophy, shamanism, plant medicines and meditation. These teachers have led me to deeper insights into the nature of the creative process. It is only a step in the journey, but “Path of the Masters” is a culmination of several years of painting, learning, experimenting and a lifetime of seeking, each profound teachers in their own way.

 Reception 6-9pm – with live performance by Middle eastern band Baharat and Bellydancing be Mel Anya.


In the Windows

Ron English: “Sideshow”

In the Beacon Room

Kat Stoutenborough: Redacted: page, word and thread


Kat Stoutenborough is a self-taught artist and crafter working primarily with recycled or repurposed sources. She lives in Beacon with her family. This series combines Kat’s lifelong love of books, words, re-purporsing, transformation, texture, color and the therapeutic nature of hand stitching.