Bau 144

In Main Gallery

Jack Zero: Wild & Diverse

jack zero himselfJack Zero’s work is wildly diverse, encompassing sculpture, graphics, paintings and ceramics.¬†Having shown throughout North America, Europe and Japan, Jack Zero’s work is familiar to the Beacon gallery scene.¬†Opening Saturday, December 10. Expect to see wildly divergent work at the opening reception that evening 6-9pm.

Jack Zero will be there in all guises.


In the Beacon Room

Pamela Zaremba: Girls


Through my photographs I seek to catch glimpses of fantasy through the eyes of young girls, to evoke memories of childhood and the feeling of innocent wonder. These images are rich with color and meaning. Though one would expect an identifiable cliche when attempting to describe childhood through art, I try to capture the subtle undertones of why these images come to mind when we think about our youth. Through my photography, I try to explore deeper into the consciousness and experiences of young girls and to discover how their experiences transform into memories with certain perspectives and details. The recollection of growing up with two sisters in Northern Michigan assists me when I endeavor to consider different perspectives. In order to draw from my own experiences, I frequently visit my past through the role of both an observer and a participant. What I retained was often different that my sisters, even when our memories were from the same incident. As an artist, I am fascinated by the process of when a memory takes root and ultimately transforms into an interpretation unique to the individual. My own observations of my two young girls further enforces my passion to understand the psyche of young girls and how that affects the formation of their own unique identity.