Bau 142

In Main Gallery

Tom Holmes:Fly Home - new work by Tom Holmes

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The lantern lights the night path. A soft head wind reminds us to push on. Molten bronze, steel and stone all find their gravitas. Sullen, the forest echoes the earths burnt crust. A night hawk screeches to a halt mid air, to drop into the abyss. All debts are settled, before day break… once again.


In the Beacon Room

Bibiana Huang Matheis:  Tao of Florence



Huang a curious person. Wherever She find herself, Bibiana is constantly working towards a greater understanding of the world around me and the world inside of her. As a photographer, Huang uses the camera as a tool of expression and exploration.Sometimes  she photographs what already exists, finding meaning in simple and unassuming things that are too often overlooked. Other times, Bibiana combines installation art, collage, and photography to capture the images in her mind and heart.

Huang feels  completely balanced when she photographs. A harmony between herself, her camera, and her subject is not only essential to her artistic process, but to the photographs as well. To truly capture the essence of a subject, there must exist an understanding and a respect for its being. With each photograph, Bibiana hopes to create a space in which we can be at peace