Bau 138

In Main Gallery

David Link: Formas Geometricas


David’s work is about form, space and color.  He uses angles and proportions to create beautiful objects, that are colorful and whimsical.  The work is mathematical in nature, but it also speaks about simple harmonies and elegance in design.  This show has a range of pieces, many of them in golden hue, that range in scale from small table top sized, to large outdoor sculptures.  Each piece has a personality of its own and there is a playful interaction between the the pieces.

Also Photos by Barry Link, Austin photographer, and Sebastian Link, Graphic Artist from Putnam Valley, NY.

In the Beacon Room

Vivian Altman


Vivian is  painter and mixed media artist from the Hudson Valley. Color has always been one of Vivian’s most significant inspirations.  Bright, strong color remained significant to her personal style, and helped to define her expressive painterly qualities. Many reviews of Altman’s work have focused on the vibrant colors and rich textures.  In 2014, Linda Marston-Reid from the Poughkeepsie Journal described my work as “bold and sumptuous paintings [that] are filled with broad divisions of color enhanced with collaged lace and fabrics”.*