bau 137

In Main Gallery

Erica Caginalp & Carla Goldberg: Eventide


Carla Goldberg and Erica Leigh Caginalp are together again in this aquatic inspired show “Eventide”. Together they explore dusk in its intensified colors of the day’s last light and the dark depths creeping up into the night. These diverse artists collaborated previously on an extremely successful show this past October titled “In The Weeds” which came about after both women where faced with different life changing events.  ”Eventide” while continuing with the aquatic theme, delves into a deeper and darker palette, unveiling the beauty hidden in the mysterious shadows.



In the Beacon Room

Melissa Schlobohm: Fractal



Melissa Schlobohm is a printmaker from Beacon, NY.  She runs her own printing company Fledgling Press and runs the programs at Garrison Art Center as Education Coordinator.  Her woodblock print instillation explore themes of animal ecology and pattern.