bau 135

In Main Gallery

Marbelous!: 12 Members and a marble machine




Have you ever seen art on the run? Come meet Marbelous!
BAU Gallery’s very own marble run art making machine.
Tubes, lines and shoots run round and round BAU Gallery all in the name
of art on the run. Come join us for a chance to make your very own piece
of Japanese sumi-E art made on “Marbelous” to take home.



In the Beacon Room

Catherine Latson: Tapioca Bride



The building blocks of the natural world are endlessly interesting. No ocean or forest is
bereft of ideas. I am drawn to organic “stuff” and spend my time gathering, dismantling,
reassembling, and innovating with the things I find. Whether it is the grace of a vine’s
curve, the architecture of a conch shell, the brocade surface of a sea urchin, or the
cascading nature of amaranthus, the intrinsic properties of my medium take the creative
lead. I reach for the asymmetrical, the imperfect, the corroded, and decomposed. Those
are the makings of good stories. My work does not preach. Nature is the text and a fullfledged
The Garment Series offers an unconventional take on the the art and engineering of self
decoration. Using exclusively organic and repurposed materials, the language of clothing
is explored. Garment forms are reimagined in tapioca root, magnolia leaves, moss, birch,
sea urchin shells, amaranthus, hydrangea petals, peacock quills, and more. While the
forms are recognizably human, they are fragmented, weathered, and curious. They each
have a story, a ghost, if you will. Clothing, whether it serves as camouflage or
commentary, is a uniquely human experience. I want to turn that experience, that
language, on its head by offering whimsical and improbable reinventions of the packages
we put ourselves in.