bau 133

In Main Gallery

Hue & The Bau Ball

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In this 131st exhibit at Bau gallery to date, each of the 12 members showcase several works through the month of January dealing with the colorful concept of “HUE.”

In addition  bau will extend invitations to Designers and collectors for the Bau Masquarade Ball which will give our guests an opportunity to view the artwork and mingle with the artists of Bau in a unique way.


In the Beacon Room

Dan McCormack: the “Nude at Home”



  • I use the extreme wide angle distortions of the round oatmeal cylinder, pinhole camera to create a series of visceral images.
    Through successive pulling of curves in Photoshop, B&W values are replaced with subtle color. In this series, begun about six years ago, I photograph the model nude in her home, apartment or studio. With the model in her space, all the objects in the image are a part of the life of the model and they have their own personal stories. Then the pose, the furniture and the long, two minute exposures reveal an intimate portrait of the subject.
    The Nude at Home is a subset of a larger pinhole camera project begun in 1998.