A graduate from the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, Russell Ritell has been working professionally in traditional and digital media for over 20 years, often collaborating with clients to resolve challenging assignments. Presently, and for the past 13 years, Russell has been employed as a designer/ animator. This profession has allowed Russ to grow by expanding his artistic abilities to include animation, video and technical knowledge into current projects. In expanding his artistic range, through fine art and conceptual projects, Russell has been successful in creating installations and artwork dealing with social, political economic and emotional themes.


As far back as I can remember, I had art. It kept me busy, inspired, and interested in everything. I can’t remember being bored because I was fortunate to have a perspective, as an artist, that made life exciting on many levels. I have always been compelled to create. It is a blessing. I try to make artwork that is inspiring on some level and reach people through my personal  interests and observations.  Sometimes a piece (or a series) may impart meaning and sometimes I create a project just for fun.
I have been interested in, and have had success, experimenting with different media. It is exciting to create an idea, solve “problems” and visually interpret and exhibit compelling work by using different tools. This process encourages growth. Although my attention shifts through a variety of subject matter, I maintain that there are no rules and I am open to the possibilities that present themselves through ever expanding ideas.

Please visit: www.russritell.com for a more comprehensive look at Russell’s work.