Gary Jacketti featured in article by the Huffington Post for his sculpture at West Point. Click here!

Tom Holmes recently completed "Arc of History" in Durange, Colorado, a 13,000 pound steel and stone sculpture. Video here!

Connecticut Sea Grant announced that Carla Goldberg is the recipient of the 2014 Arts Award. Read here!

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DECADE: What’s Old is New Again

bau 10 year anniv

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The BAUsters have something special this month – the celebration of 10 years of continuous monthly offerings. In honor of the event we have assembled an excellent show – a joint effort of all the represented BAU artists. Each will display one contemporary work juxtaposed against a creation of his/hers from ten years ago. And the centerpiece of the show will be a jointly produced installation. 

The Beacon Room

Matt Frieburghaus


Frieburghaus creates sound, video, and print, using processes that manipulate recorded media and other forms of data. He uses software to extract information that may reveal a hidden aesthetic or generate new sensory experiences that ultimately uncover new relationships between sight and sound. Information such as color channels, time code, or frequencies, combined with digital processes, create texture and motion using multiple layers of video and sound to form visual and aural compositions. Location is a focus for gathering media and he isinterested in recording newly discovered places or short events that force him to be alert and present. His techniques construct a temporal or spatial compression of natural or urban spaces that is macroscopic but may suggest the microscopic scale. Matt’s gravitation toward sound started with synthesizers, guitars, and 4-track recorders. The visual approach reveals a life-long passion for maps, which for him chart a change in perception by translating sensory experiences.