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bau 112

In Main Gallery


Following on the heels of our March group show, “Tasty”, bau presents a group collaborative project “Tasteless” in the middle of Gallery One for the Month of April. The show will also include works by bau artists and invited artists created in response to the word “Tasteless”.

Opening Reception: April 12th, from 6-9 p.m.
Exhibition runs thru May 


Beacon Room:

Robert Brush











Initially working in experimental theater, deconstructed known elements of plays to create altered versions of anticipated events. Moving from theater to sculpture installation and my current use of text, I continue this conceptual approach in my focus on the use of commonplace language in the public sphere.

Through minimal presentation of phrases and words, my pieces invite viewers to ask
questions such as “what is this?” and “how am I related to it?” I want to engage with my
viewers in a dialogue about the contemporary human condition, about how we live in
our contemporary society. By drawing from the familiar to ask viewers to contemplate
the metaphors and narratives of everyday life, I hope to illuminate relationships
between art, the individual, the collective and the universal – simply that art can
support us to see differently.

Saturdays and Sundays 12-6