Gary Jacketti featured in article by the Huffington Post for his sculpture at West Point. Click here!

Tom Holmes recently completed "Arc of History" in Durange, Colorado, a 13,000 pound steel and stone sculpture. Video here!

Connecticut Sea Grant announced that Carla Goldberg is the recipient of the 2014 Arts Award. Read here!

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bau 124

In Main Gallery

Eva Drizhal: Gold Rush

DSCN5937recent art 069

Eva Drizhal was born in l951 in Prague, Czech republic. There She attended a school of art and design before emigrating to the United States in l979. Drizhal’s work is inspired by nature, botany, science, and microscopic images. Her sculpture brings the viewer into a world that exists beyond sight. She create small and large scale universal forms in 3D by applying layers of acrylic medium gel and paper, which she finally paints with acrylics. Now, living in Callicoon NY Eva is currently free-lancing.


Windows Project

Zac Shavrick

Zac Shavrick  is an expert in steel fabrication and a master metal sculptor. Zac began dabbling with sculpture as early as age three and learnt to weld by the age of five. By seven he was fabricating all of his own sculptures and now at 25 years of age Zac has already created well over a thousand sculptures including some which stand as tall as 16 feet. He has conquered the unyielding medium of metal fabrication and can create pretty much anything he dreams up. And that is exactly what he does. Conjuring up darkly satiric imagery with an overarching sense of chaos.




The Beacon Room

Michael Kellner solo

Everything Must Be Possible (Detail G 2 Sharp)

My artworks are quiet. Quiet sometimes suggests emptiness, but that is not the quiet I am talking about here. What I mean is more like the quiet of realizing that life surpasses the words that contain it. Or, to put it another way, I know that any effort to convey the immensity of an experience will never be enough and yet I still find that effort meaningful. Think of being deeply in love with someone, appreciating so much about their being, and wanting to share all this with them. You take a breath and say, “I love you.” The pause, that quiet breath, in many ways means more than the utterly ordinary words ever could. My artwork exists in the intimate affect of that breath.