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bau 125

In Main Gallery

Julie Jacobs Photography



Julie’s latest photographic images are in part inspired by the paintings of JMW Turner. She has returned time and again to the Tate Britain, which houses the world’s largest collection of Turner’s work. Over time Julie’s photograph’s grew to reflect her fascination with Turner’s sometime photo-dissolution of reality in a movement toward the abstract.

At the same time, in the age of the smartphone in which everyone fancies themselves as a photographer, Julie chose to embrace technology and to acknowledge the smartphone, trusting that her astute eye and advanced understanding of light would make the difference. This is a departure from the years Julie spent exploring the intricacies of shooting haunting portraits.


the Windows Project




In the Beacon Room

Charlotte Schulz

Schulz_Charlotte-3634 copy


Charlotte Schulz’s large–scale, intricate charcoal drawings construct a melancholic world, illuminated by foreboding light and weather. Informed by extensive reading and an encyclopedic collection of images of cities, events, and domestic interiors she gradually evolves her narratives as she works, incorporating and transforming sad or haunting private memories and larger world events, such as 9/11 or Hurricane Katrina.  Through the careful blending of charcoal and delicate erasure, diverse images and spaces are blended into one another or dissolve into white. In recent drawings, the paperis actually folded, bent, or crumpled to include the play between real space and illusionistic space