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bau 128

In Main Gallery

Joan Phares : Lost & Found


The words “lost and found”  conjure images of people and things discarded and redeemed.  I like to dig holes in my yard.  Because I live in a property that was once a part of an old farm, I discover buried “treasures” regularly. To me, a treasure might be a broken metal toy, fragment of china, or even a rusted carburetor.  These objects speak loudly to me begging for a new life.   I find that combining found objects with  human figures which I create in paintings, drawings, ceramics, or purchased porcelain doll parts, results in symbolic redemption and rebirth for me and I hope the viewer.













In the Beacon Room

Tess Elliot: Spoils



I make fakes. Through the replication and manipulation of iconic objects I try to say something real. I am currently examining football culture and the idea of winning by crafting alternate versions of championship trophies and souvenirs. These two new works look at the Ohio State University’s National Champion Buckeyes. My practice is concept driven and I use material as metaphor.




 Tess Elliot was born in 1985 in Queens, NY. She was accepted to the Cooper Union School of Art in 2003 and was granted a full-tuition scholarship. She spent a year studying abroad in Berlin, Germany in 2006 and graduated from Cooper in 2008. After receiving her BFA she found employment in various fabrication shops, learning professional woodworking and casting techniques. She moved from Brooklyn to Beacon in 2011 to restart her studio practice and participated in many local exhibitions and events. She had her first solo show at Mad Dooley Gallery in March of 2014. Last summer, she was awarded the Grand Prize and Gallerists’ Pick honors for the citywide event Windows on Main Street X before moving to Columbus, Ohio to pursue her MFA in Art and Technology at the Ohio State University. She is set to graduate in 2017.