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Tom Holmes recently completed "Arc of History" in Durange, Colorado, a 13,000 pound steel and stone sculpture. Video here!

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bau 120

In Main Gallery

New works by: Herman Roggeman


Herman Roggeman has long been a passionate and powerful voice in the Hudson Valley’s creative community. As sculptor and painter, Roggeman has explored the boundaries of experimentation with color and light as well as the physics of sculptural harmony and balance.

Herman’s new work is no exception and includes mixed media works in a colorful array of masterful techniques.






The Beacon Room

Josephine Bloodgood

2 Bloodgood, Warms You Twice II

The “Lineage” series reflects a longtime fascination with the physical form of trees and their symbolic associations.  Trees can evoke the human figure, our ancestral lines, and serve as fuel to warm us – just to name a few connotations. This recent body of work is painted primarily in watercolor and then layered with text and other collage elements, referencing layers of meaning and emotion.